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Looking Glass Studios' Thief got me hooked into the web as well as the game. It also prompted me to take up the pencil/brush and start drawing and painting again. Digitally this time. (Who has space for paper and canvas in an apartment?) On a whim, I started drawing characterisations of my forum mates and it just sort of snowballed from there. Most of these images are fairly crude. It had been 20 years since I drew anything, besides only having done figure drawing in high school and early college. (Imagine floating naked bodies) Drawing on a tablet took some getting used to.

I like to call these pictures "conceptual art", in the sense that conceptually, they're art. ;) TTLGer's have a more polished look in general, since I had a couple months of [re]training under my belt.

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All images are produced in Adobe Photoshop and are copyrighted.